*10:AM Factory is an artist-led playground where powerful ideas find creative expression. 

We believe in blending art and design to ask questions about the times we live in. We believe in creating products that reflect our world view, focus on sustainability and are impeccable throughout. 

*10:AM Factory is an artwork in and of itself. 

Through monthly drops, we offer limited- edition, high-quality textile products that redefine comfort wear. From manufacturing to marketing, we approach every process as we approach every artwork. With intention, care and a commitment to endless creativity. 

* 10:AM Factory is inclusive and fluid.

Most of our products are gender neutral. We produce locally in Turkey and ship worldwide. We are operating from New York, where we plan to direct our creative energies into creating a diverse product range – our current medium is textiles but we are open to experimenting with different materials and even projects.

*10:AM Factory is a state of mind. 

We wake up at 10:AM every day and start creating. We care about what we do to the environment, we care about stories we tell each other, we care about how we connect with our community. We are so happy to have you here with us.

About Our Designer & Founder:

Seçil Alkış is an artist and designer with a vision to bring together creatives and cultivate a sense of community around making meaningful products. Throughout her experience working as an art professional in New York and Istanbul, she sharpened her skills to lead teams of people towards a common artistic goal. 10:AM Factory is her latest project in which she aspires to collaborate with multidisciplinary artists to tell stories of our time.